Potting Mix Soil

CH Biotech does have a ready mix soil, Potting Mix, which suitable for immediate planting.  Our all purpose potting soil has been widely used by many gardening planter which proven suitable for general planting objective.

 Why Use Potting Mix

Std Potting Mix Packing
Std Potting Mix Packing

Potting mix or potting soil is formulated suitable for general planting purpose.  Without spending time on mixing and cultivate a planting soil, the potting mix recipe gives a simple start up level for planter.  Many planters have directly plant with our potting mix and giving promising harvest result, this included:

  1. Vegetable
  2. Chilli
  3. Flower
  4. Small fruit plant

Planter just has to put our potting mix in dedicate vase, after that could immediate start the planting activities.  With our Potting Mix, we are very sure you will love planting.

Who Needs Potting Mix

CH Biotech produced all purpose potting mix which suitable for all planters and plant.  It is very suitable for

  1. Family Gardener
  2. Planting new plant
  3. Agriculture Planter
Vegetable Plant with CH Biotech Potting Mix

Ingredient of Potting Mix

CH Biotech has spent time developing our potting mix recipe.  Our potting mix is mixed among several ingredient which promote better plant growth, this include

  1. Organic Compost
  2. Composting Fibre
  3. Organic substance
  4. Fertilizer
  5. Soil & sand

All ingredients in our potting mix are an essential ingredient in planting.  Furthermore, we premix in the ratio so that it suitable for almost all plant.  Planter could directly apply the Potting Mix without additional blending in the land. 

Potting Mix
Potting Mix

Packing of Potting Mix

Our standard potting mix comes in 40kg per bag.  We could also pack in other size.

Our hot selling potting mix is a good starting soil for you to plant.  Feel free talk to us about your needs and we are happy to provide appropriate guidance.