PKS Base Biochar

PKS Base Biochar

Biochar is not a commonly known product by majority, however this does not imply low business value. Perhaps, biochar is one of the important substances for improving soil condition or soil amendment.

What is Biochar?

Biochar can be understand stand as charcoal originated from biomass commodity. A biomass commodity such as palm kernel shell (PKS) after going through the pyrolysis process, the biomass will convert to biochar. Terra Preta is another type or form of biochar.

Pyrolysis process is a burning process but under anaerobic process, or with low to no oxygen during the burning process. The pyrolysis process is to ensure the biomass will convert to biochar instead of ash.

Biochar is one of the preliminary substance which could derive to many applications. For instance activated carbon which we use in water filter for removing water odourness is making from biochar product.

Some Importance Application of Biochar

Biochar can be used in various industry, such as agriculture industry, metallurgical area, ….. CH Biotech produces the biochar product used in agriculture industry.

What type Biochar CH Biotech Supply

In CH Biotech, we do manufacture several biochar from varies biomass commodity. Our biochar products include:

a)      PKS base Biocahr

b)      Coconut Shell base Biochar

c)       Peddy husk base Biochar

In CH Biotech, we believe the biochar should keep in it natural form and size if the biochar is going to be used in agriculture industry. The natural size of biochar should be mixed with organic compost and apply on the soil as soil amendment. The biochar should also be applied on the soil in periodically basis to ensure a healthy soil properties.

In CH Biotech, we have tailor made an organic fertilizer product Bio-05 with the mixture of biochar and organic compost. You could directly apply organic fertilizer to your garden soil to maintain a prosperous plant growth.

Packing of Biochar

Biochar is bulk in size, and light in weight. In CH Biotech, the biochar is packed in 2 size:

1)      20kg per wowen bag.

2)      5kg plastic bag.

Some Advantageous of Biochar

Biochar is a great substance with many advantageous, such as provide a suitable place for mycorrhizal microbial and improve soil fertility ability. Below are some of the advantageous for biochar:

  • Improve water retention ability
  • Reduce nitric oxide emission to the air
  • Improve soil fertility
  • Provide a suitable place for living organism, such as microbial
  • Soil amendment ability by convert acidic soil to mild alkaline soil
  • Reduce leaching of nitrogen into ground water

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