Zeolite is not common to most of the people, only people who interested on this product will search for Zeolite.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is rich in mineral that originate from volcano lava, it is a hydrate alumina silicates products. By details, zeolite consists of Silica, Alumina, hydrogen, oxygen and relevant element.

From microscope, we know zeolite comes in porous structure. The porous pattern also bringing advantages absorbing and retaining water. Zeolite is an insoluble mineral which very suitable for organic farming and plantation.

CH Biotech Stands on Zeolite

CH Biotech understand the importance of zeolite, however we are establishing our production line to manufacture zeolite from palm ash. CH Biotech has established our patented zeolite manufacture processes since year 2014. Most of the zeolite in the market is produced via synthetic zeolite process, this process is costly as the chemical reagent is expensive. However in CH Biotech, our zeolite is produced via alkaline hydrothermal treatment process which cost effective and also fulfil industry standard.

Zeolite still a relatively new product in Malaysia market and we welcome any inquiry about this product.