Home Gardening

Home gardening becomes popular in Malaysia. Even with minimum effort, you are able to turn your discarded land or balcony becomes a beautiful garden.

CH Biotech does supplies several commodities which you could acquire for your home gardening.

Get a few commodities in order to start for a beautiful home gardening.

Home Gardening Planting Soil Preparation

Soil is an important step which decided the planting result. Choose the appropriate planting soil and organic compost fertilizer to ensure the planting quality.

CH Biotech does manufacture both products, you could buy from us or order either one from MM Garden, our partner e-commerce shop at Shopee.

  1. Planting Soil.
  2. Organic Compost.

Choose Your Garden Plant

There are many plants you could choose base on your preferences and garden space availability. In general, we recommend a few simple plants for start up.

  1. Grass Planting
  2. Wheatgrass
  3. Lady finger
  4. Herb
  5. Ginger

Home Planting Tools