The Organic Planting Soil for Family Crops

Family Garden
Family Garden Plant

You need a good a healthy organic planting soil to grow your crop. There are many planting soil suppliers in the market, unfortunately, most of the soil quality comes in a different ingredient. Sometimes the consumer becomes ambiguous in selection.

Family gardener becomes easier to grow their crop with the help of planting soil. With the premix planting soil recipe, the gardener could focus on planting activity whereby the mixture of soil recipe shall be taken care of by the agriculture company.

Choose an organic planting soil which content wide spectrum of nutrients for ensuring a healthy plant grow.

What is Organic Planting Soil?

Good planting soil should content comprehensive nutrient for a plant. Those nutrients provide the essential elements to ensure to grow a healthy plant. In CH Biotech, we are mixing a wide variety of composition as part of the organic planting soil ingredient, this includes the below:

  1. Organic Compost
  2. Soil
  3. Fermented Fibre
  4. Organic Matter
  5. Microorganism

We set a comprehensive recipe to ensure the combination is very best to resemble the earth topsoil which favourable for planting. Although planting soil looks similar, there are differences among the products. A reputable organic fertilizer factory will deliver consistent soil quality.

Family Crops to Plant


There are many plants which very suitable for the family grower. With the help of planting soil, family garden planter could have wider choices to grow their garden. This includes vegetable or flower.

Over here, we would like to recommend 2 crops for your consideration.


Everybody knows that wheatgrass comes in low calorie but rich in dietary fibre, meanwhile, it also contains the essential nutrient for a human being. To acquire the plant nutrient, you could either purchase the wheatgrass powder from the shop or grow your wheatgrass plant by yourself.

Lady finger plant
Lady finger plant

We always recommend our reader to get a pack of our Wheatgrass Combo Set. The combo set has all the tools, ingredient and wheatgrass seed for you to start your planting.

Ladyfinger (Okra) plant.

Malaysian loves curry cuisine. And ladyfinger is a common vegetable ingredient for a vegetable curry. With the organic planting soil, the planting of the ladyfinger plant becomes simple.

Choose the Appropriate Planting Soil

Organic compost is a fertilizer which NOT means for direct planting. It will be a good choice to add additional nutrient for your garden and crops.

Whereby, we could direct plant with the organic planting soil. The soil combination already consists of essential elements for the planting process. Furthermore, a reputable fertilizer company will ensure no pesticide is purposely added as part of the soil ingredient. We DO NOT add chicken manure as part of the ingredient.

CH Biotech has developed a wide supply network throughout Malaysia. We want every family gardener could acquire our quality organic planting soil to grow their garden plant. Feel free to contact CH Biotech if you need more information.

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