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We have good news for our reading today.  With more than 6 months of preparation, CH Biotech has launched our e-commerce shop with MM Garden in Shopee.  We set up the e-commerce shop with the assistant from 3rd party marketing team to ensure our service is up to the par.

In this article, we are telling our readers and followers some insight about setting up the e-commerce shop.  With this article, we also give our readers confident about our products quality as well as our service quality.

Family home planter could have convenient access to our Organic Fertilizer products via MM Garden.

MM Garden
MM Garden in Shopee

Why E-Commerce Shop

Organic Compost

CH Biotech manufacturer quality organic compost products, and the products have been highly recognizing by the industry.  Meanwhile, we also put our effort to develop this website so that easier for our user to find us or even getting support from us.

On the other hand, there are still many users out in the market who need quality organic compost product or other fertilizer products in order to growth their plant healthier and greener.  After understand with the situation, we decided to move one step further to extend our accessibility to many plant lovers

The MM Garden has set up a 5 person e-commerce team to run the business in the e-commerce sector.   MM Garden is formed by the dedicate marketing team so that they could manage in the agriculture industry in a sustainable manner. 

Products listed in MM Garden

Succulent Plant
Succulent Plant

The aim for e-commerce shop is difference than setting up a business. CH Biotech has been focusing in product oriented company.  We have to have difference mindset and goal for run the business in e-commerce shop.

Even though our strategy in e-commerce industry may be the difference, however, the bottom line is the same.  The quality product is our standard.  The product listed in MM Garden shop may be limited to 20-30 species at stage 1, this is to ensure we are able to allocate sufficient attention to our product. 

All the organic compost, potting mix and fortified fertilizer are manufactures by CH Biotech carry an Obor brand.  Perhaps, we also specially develop several new fertilizer formulations solely for an e-commerce shop, for instance, Nutrient soil, Premium Compost.

Along the time, CH Biotech shall continue to develop specific fertilizer product dedicate for a specific plant.  Such as the fertilizer we develop for a succulent plant some time ago.

Other Products besides Fertilizer

CH Biotech’s strength fall in developing fertilizer product.  However, we also extend our products listed in our e-commerce shop to cover most wanted items for our reader or customer.  We want our customers having a good user experience while browsing our shop.

Agriculture is an industry needs a lot of focus and attention.  However, we also want to bring out a concept that greener environment is for everybody.  You could place a small jar with very cute plant on your desk, and I believe this will bring you a good mood for a day.

CH Biotech is putting our effort not only in the agriculture industry but also a green environment.  I hope you love MM Garden E-Commerce shop in Shopee.

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