Enjoy Organic Wheat Grass Juice

organic wheatgrass juice
organic wheatgrass juice

Plant your own wheat grass in your family garden or balcony so that having a cup of organic wheatgrass juice is no more a luxury. Get a set of wheat grass growing kit, it has all the necessary tools and seeds to start planting.

You could start harvesting for wheat grass after 7-10 days since spouting. Even only planted a tray of wheat grass, it would be good for several cups of organic fresh wheat grass juice. It would be the most simplest way to plant wheat grass with the growing kit.

Enjoy a cup of organic wheat grass juice planted from the growing kit.

Wheatgrass Growing Set 2
Wheatgrass Growing Set 2

Advantages of Organic Wheatgrass Juice

The orgnaic wheat grass juice is a healthy drink which brings many advantages for individual, study has showed the benefit:

  1. High Nutrient and anti-oxidant
  2. High fibre content and cholesterol free
  3. Aid in blood sugar regulation
  4. Alleviate body inflammation
  5. Well balance diet in daily life

Plant Fresh or powder form Wheat Grass?

We always encourage our reader to plant their fresh wheat grass. This is because every one should able to consume a fresh drink in almost effortlessly. Get a set of our Wheat Grass Growing Kit, you will gain significant experience and fun from this starter kit. It takes 7 days since sprouting, you will be rewarded with thick and green wheat grass.

The wheat grass starter kit has all the elements to plant, this include:

  • Wheat grass seed * 2 packs
  • Nutrient Planting soil * 1 pack (1 kg)
  • Wheat grass planting tray * 1 set
  • Cloth * 1 piece
trim wheat grass
trim wheat grass

We are promoting this wheat grass growing set in MM Garden at Shopee. This is the best moment for our reader to take advantages to acquire a set of this starter kit.

Preparing a Cup of Organic Wheatgrass Juice

An organic wheat grass juice could mixed in various substance for making it a delicious drink. Among all, I like to drink a cup of organic wheat grass added with some lemon juice and ice cube. A well balance diet for whole day.

Harvesting the Wheatgrass

Harvesting the Wheatgrass is quite simple, you just need to prepare a scissor for the harvesting. Only start harvesting after the wheatgrass has completely grow, it is about 10cm in height. Trim the wheatgrass above the root area, do not injure the root so that the wheatgrass could grow for second harvesting.

Leave the wheatgrass after cut, the plant will continue growing for a second harvesting. However, the second harvest is less productive and flourish as compare to the original harvest. After the second harvest, you should discard the entire planting soil and re-plant.

Extract Wheatgrass Juice with blender

You need a food blender for wheatgrass juice extraction.

  1. Harvest about 100-120mg of fresh wheatgrass. This is about 1/2 cup in amount.
  2. Thoroughly wash in city water to remove the soil sit on the leave.
  3. Mix with 2 cup of water if you want strong essense.
  4. Put the wheatgrass and water together in the blender and plend for 30second to 60second.
  5. You will be reward with a emerald green colour with pulp solution.
  6. Filter the solution with strainer in order to remove the coarser fibre.

The extract wheatgrass juice is a concentrated solution and you could mix with lemon juice and ice cube for better taste. Now it is the moment to sit back and enjoy a cup of organic wheat grass juice with your family.

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