Where to Buy Wheatgrass Seed and Starter Kit

wheatgrass seed seller
wheatgrass seed seller

Many Malaysian want to buy wheatgrass seeds or starter kit in order to start planting wheatgrass for their own consumption. You may have some difficulty to buy wheatgrass seeds in a local shop but you can always try your luck in Shopee.

There are many wheatgrass seed sellers in Shopee, perhaps, come in various quantity from 50g to 1kg. If you just want to start wheatgrass planting, I would always recommend getting the wheatgrass starter kit.

A Wheatgrass Starter Kit comes with the seed, planting tray and nutrient planting soil so that you could immediately start the seed germination and sprouting.

Wheatgrass Seed Planitng Scheme
Wheatgrass Seed Planitng Scheme

Why Get a Wheatgrass Starter Kit

Wheatgrass Growing Set 2
Wheatgrass Growing Set 2

Planting wheatgrass is a simple process, but you have to purchase several commodity and tool from the various seller in order to start the seed germination process. MM Garden is offering a starter kit set and we encourage our reader could take advantages from the set.

For your convenience, we have included the link for wheatgrass starter kit set so that you are welcome to purchase directly from MM Garden.

Wheatgrass Planting Instruction

MM Garden also gives clear and informative instruction for planting the wheatgrass from the seed level. The instruction comes with the image and simple wording so that planter could understand the planting scheme.

Wheatgrass Planting Tools

organic wheatgrass juice
organic wheatgrass juice

In the starter kit, we include a planting tray so that the planter could plant the wheatgrass in the tray.

The Wheatgrass Seeds

The wheatgrass seed is directly effecting the planting success rate. To ensure the growth rate, MM Garden has performed a sampling planting to ensure the wheatgrass growing to fulfil our requirement.

Buy The Wheatgrass Seed Starter Kit

MM Garden has worked with CH Biotech to supply them the dedicate nutrient planting soil for wheatgrass. MM garden has make-up the starter kit for the user so that they could immediately start planting wheatgrass.

The selling price for the wheatgrass starter kit is much lower then we buy from the individual item. We strongly recommend our reader should take this opportunity and advantage to get this starter kit while they haven’t changed their mind. MM garden is having an e-commerce shop in Shopee, or you could click this link, wheatgrass starter kit, it will directly bring you to the site.

The Content in The Wheatgrass Starter Kit

The wheatgrass starter kit consists of the comprehensive elements for wheatgrass planting.

  1. 1 pack of wheatgrass seeds
  2. 1 bag of nutrient planting soil
  3. 1 set of the planting tray
  4. A Piece of cloth
  5. A piece of Wheatgrass planting instruction

We have a reader is planting wheatgrass in his balcony from the combo set and he even makes another planting in miniature pot. I know there are many wheatgrass seed seller but we strongly recommend you could get a set from starter kit directly from MM Garden.

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