Plant Wheatgrass with Growing Kit

Wheatgrass Growing Kit

The wheatgrass growing kit consists of necessary elements to plant in any family garden. You could immediately start the planting procedure right after receive the combo set. It takes 7-10 days to grow healthy wheatgrass.

We received several inquiries about buying planting soil for pot plantings, such as wheatgrass and succulent plant. The Wheatgrass Combo Set gives family planter the most convenient to start planting.

Get a set of hassle-free Wheatgrass Growing Kit to start your immediate wheatgrass planting today.

Wheatgrass Planting Scheme
Wheatgrass Planting Scheme

Content of Wheatgrass Grow Kit

The Wheatgrass growing kit comes in a combo set, it consists of

  1. Wheatgrass seeds
  2. Planting tray
  3. Planting soil
  4. Cloth

Instead of going to several places to buy the components for planting wheatgrass, with the combo set, you could start the planting immediately.

Start the Wheatgrass Planting

Now you already have the components ready, you could start the planting with 2 major steps.

Wheatgrass Seeds Germination
Wheatgrass Seeds Germination

Seed Germinate.

The wheatgrass growing kit comes with 2 packs of wheatgrass seeds. Takes 1 pack of wheatgrass seeds to perform seed germination.

The wheatgrass seeds are dry and family planter has to soak the seed for 24 hours for germination purpose. You could change the soaking water after 24 hours and continue another 12hours to ensure complete germination.

A germinated seed will swell up. The seed film will break up shows the germination process success.


  1. Prepare the sprouting tray. Fill up the tray with the planting soil. Wheatgrass is a grass which only requires about 15mm thick soil for its root growing. If you are using the tray in the growing kit, you probably left 1/3 of the planting soil. The remaining planting soil will become the soil for 2nd planting.
  2. Evenly spread the germinated seeds on the planting soil. It is pretty dense as observe. Leaves the seeds to stay on top of the planting soil.
  3. Spray some water after the seed evenly spread on the planting soil, moisture the soil for making it becomes suitable for seed sprouting.
  4. This is the most important step. Cover the sprouting tray with a plastic bag. You could cover with the courier service bag. Move the sprouting tray in indoor are to avoid direct sunlight. Perform daily watering, perhaps, this also a good opportunity to experience the wheatgrass growth.

Where to buy the Wheatgrass Growing Kit

Wheatgrass Juice
Wheatgrass Juice

The MM Garden, our e-commerce partner in Shopee, is selling this wheatgrass growing kit. We strongly recommend you could directly buy this growing kit from our partner e-commerce shop.

However, if you want to place an order directly to us, we are ok too! Just contact us via email about your needs, and we could send you the growing kit too!

The wheatgrass growing kit is suitable for all family planter. Plant your own organic wheatgrass and enjoy the healthy food.

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