Malaysia Planting Soil Supplier in Shopee

Shoppee Organic Planting Soil List
Shoppee Organic Planting Soil List

There are many planting soil suppliers in Malaysia.  If you perform an “organic planting soil” search in Shopee, the Malaysia famous e-commerce platform, I believe your return by a long list from Shopee.  Perhaps, some of the product listed with the Malay term, “Tanah Baja Organik”.  They are all similar product.

CH Biotech has worked with MM Garden for promoting the planting soil distribution throughout Malaysia in Shopee. 

Partner with MM Garden helps many other Malaysia family planters could access to quality planting soil.

MM Garden
MM Garden in Shopee

Planting Soil Supplier

CH Biotech is the manufacturer for organic planting soil and compost.  And our products have gained high recognition throughout Malaysia.  In order to introduce the user to enjoy the quality agriculture products, we have worked with MM Garden for them to promote our organic fertilizer products in Shopee Malaysia.

As our qualified supplier, CH Biotech has invited MM Garden to visit our factory.  Throughout the visit, MM Garden has been trained with the basic planting soil technology and process flow, this is to ensure they understand our product and also able to recommend to potential customers.

In addition, we also introduce some of our customer planting plots, this also enhances and strengthen their confident about our planting soil and compost products.

Why Working With MM Garden

CH Biotech has been heavily involved in agriculture fertilizer manufacturing, meanwhile, we also have a team of field support engineers to support fruits planter.  We have interviewed several e-commerce suppliers until we come into MM Garden.

MM Garden is a young company who newly involved in the agriculture industry.  We value their experience in the digital industry and also the willingness to step into the agriculture industry as a supplier.  More important, MM Garden has shown their commitment to working with CH Biotech to introduce this quality organic planting soil product for the family gardener.

Home Gardening

Wheatgrass Tray
Wheatgrass Tray

Malaysia many people have changed their lifestyle as they are spending more time at home. Home gardening would be another activity that everybody could adopt.

You do not really need a big landscape in order to start home gardening. You could start planting activity even with a small area on the balcony. Get some planting startup kit, such as wheatgrass combo planting set, succulent plants.

With simple decoration and aesthetics mindset, you would start enjoying the beauty of home gardening. For people who want to harvest their organic planting, they could plant some crops which suitable their planting environment.

With the help from MM Garden, many family planters have the opportunity to access the quality organic planting soil and fertilizer products. Get in touch with MM Garden at Shopee and they will help you with the home gardening needs.

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  2. Kam Ka Wei says:

    Do your company offer soil with pH 6.0-8.0 and C:N ratio (40:1)?

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