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The agriculture industry used to be the main GDP contributor to the country. The Malaysia terrace is very suitable for agriculture activity. She locates at the equatorial zone even make Malaysia is having advantages in growing crop. In the year 1970, around 50% of Malaysia population contribute to the agriculture industry. But the agriculture population has decreased to ~10% in the year 2010.

Many rural populations have moved to urban for the past 20 years. With the urbanization grows, the lack of agriculture workforce become severe. Many populations have shifted to other industry and cause the workforce reduction in the agriculture industry.

Malaysia should promotes agriculture industry to ensure sustainable food supply.

Where Are We in the Agriculture Industry

Malaysia GDP
Malaysia GDP Trend 2009 til 2019

In the year 2019, the agriculture industry is contributing 7.3% for Malaysia GDP, this was the historic low for the last 10 years. On the other hand, apart from the agriculture industry, the manufacturing industry also experiencing shrinking in past 10 years.

Major Crops for Malaysia Agriculture Industry

Malaysia is well known for several major crop worldwide, these include:

  1. Oil Palm
  2. Rubber
  3. Coconut
  4. Paddy
Paddy Field
Paddy Field

Even though the government is promoting agriculture throughout the country, but we do not see an increase trend in workforce and investment. Most of the workforce is shifting toward industrial and service sector causing the reduction in workforce in agriculture.

Rubber and oil palm used to be the main crop in Malaysia and worldwide. Unfortunately, the situation change. Indonesia is overtaking Malaysia as the main oil palm crop worldwide.

Challenge in Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry in Malaysia is facing great challenge from several aspects:

  1. Short of Labour workforce.
  2. Land limitation.
  3. Lack of Food Technology & Production.

Agriculture is no more a low-end industry sector. The Malaysia agriculture industry requires a major breakthrough by technology. The improvement in agriculture technology will offset the shrinkage in the workforce.

Sustainable In Agriculture

Malaysia agriculture industry
Malaysia Agriculture Industry

The strategic is moving toward sustainable agriculture industry by crop diversification. To avoid heavily rely on oil palm contribution, the country is diversifying to other crops category. The increase of durian and pineapple planting proof of the diversification. A large area planting MD2 Pineapple is a sign to show Malaysia wants to have diversified in crop potential.

Apart from durian and pineapple, we are seeing major growth in the fruit industry sector. This increase in fruit harvesting has promoted Food Technology and Processability in Malaysia.

Malaysia requires a lot of participation from various sectors in order to grow sustainable agriculture for the country. Perhaps, agriculture no more a layman industry, it requires a lot of technology upgrade too!

CH Biotech is manufacturing quality organic compost for the agriculture industry. We closely work with many plantation owners for providing them with a quality organic compost which suitable for their plant.

Let us contribute our part to develop the Malaysia agriculture industry, we are seeing a great opportunity too!

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