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AF-Organic Compost
AF-Organic Compost

Both pH and EC are the fundamental parameters to elaborate soil quality.  You may not require a comprehensive test lab report which includes all mineral concentration in order to understand your soil.  With these 2 simple parameters, you could have a general understanding of your planting soil.

Before we deal into the details about these 2 parameters, both pH and EC parameters are only applicable in determining water solution content.  The fertilizer salt in the soil has to dissolve in water and become a salt ion.   Only ionize elements could be intake by the tree.

What is pH?

pH is a parameter for us to determine the soil acidity level.  A solution which releases higher H+ anion will be more acidic level.

pH level in the soil is going to affect the solubility performance against fertilizer.  The lower or higher pH on the soil will cause certain mineral deficiency or toxicity.  For instance, a low pH soil, let say <5, the soil is having the ability to dissolve more iron content in the soil.  The dissolved iron means higher in Fe+ ion.  The Fe+ will be intake by the tree via ion exchange activity.  Due to excessive Fe+ ion intake, this will expose the tree to iron toxicity.  Same goes to high pH soil.

Generally speaking, healthy soil has to maintain the pH within the range from 5.5 – 6.5.  At this level of pH and solubility, an appropriate amount of soil mineral shall be dissolved and intake by the tree.

What is EC?

Conductivity Meter
Conductivity Meter

EC stands for Electric Conductivity.  This parameter is to describe the ion transfer rate within the solution. As the beginning of the article, we already describe that only ionize salt be effective for plant intake.  In this case, we could determine the salt ion concentration by judging the EC value.

A low EC value implies that less ionic element in the solution.  In soil analysis, this means lower fertilizer salt.  A high EC value implies a reverse scenario.

For bedding plant, it requires an EC value within 1- 2.6dS/m. 

Monitoring for pH and EC for a Soil

Since pH and EC are the 2 important parameters describing the soil quality, hence we always encourage the planter to measure both parameters with a soil sample.

You may require measuring the EC value for the planting soil with several days interval.  The EC value change may determine how much ionize salt change in the soil.  Planter could add fertilizer after the EC value drop to a certain level.

Adding organic compost, such as AF-Organic Compost, is the correct action for maintaining a stable pH and EC value for a planting soil.

If you are interested to understand more about soil quality monitoring, you are always welcome writing to CH Biotech, we are here to work with you for soil management.

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