Plant MD2 Pineapple

Malaysia Pineapple Industry Board (MPIB) has set a target to increase MD2 pineapple planting.  In the year 2020, the MD2 pineapple output reach 700,000MT, this is double up the output from the year 2012.  Currently, Johor is having the largest area for growing MD2, another state as Perak, we also see planter converting the land to MD2 pineapple planting.

CH Biotech is working with several MD2 planter around the region on supplying suitable organic fertilizer for this fruit.

Why Plant MD2 Pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit with high Vitamin C and other nutrient, MD2 is the species with double Vitamin C content.  From export perspective, MD2 species is the highly wanted pineapple in worldwide marketPhilippine and Thailand are the 2 countries export MD2 to American, Europe country. 

Entrepreneur understands the huge shortage for MD2 pineapple due to high demand in world-wide market.  Here are a few advantages for MD2 for export market:

  1. Bigger in size and thinner for the skin.  A MD2 species could grow big than most of the pineapple.  An A-Grade MD2 pineapple weight more than 1.7kg per unit. 
  2. Long ripen day after harvest.  The MD2 pineapple takes 30days to ripe after harvest, other species takes 21days to ripe.  The long ripping day gives advantages for export the pineapple to other country.
  3. Rich in Vitamin C and nutrient.  As mention earlier, MD2 has double Vitamin C content as compare to other pineapple.
  4. Short planting cycle.  It takes 150days to plant a MD2 pineapple.

Taste of MD2 Pineapple

By applying sufficient organic compost for the plant, the MD2 pineapple could grow healthier than many other species.  Furthermore, the fruit taste delicious as the soil is condition with comprehensive trace elements.

So far, we know MD2 pineapple is a sweet pineapple love by many customers.  All the MD2 fruit has been targeted for export market, very less fruit sell in Malaysia domestic market.  Furthermore, the MD2 always comes in large size as well as symmetric pattern which easy for packing arrangement.

MPIB has worked with planter to grow more MD2 species for next few years for export commitment needs.  Currently, shortage of MD2 seedling is the main challenge.

Planting MD2 Pineapple

Planter could check with MPIB for getting the MD2 seedling or buying from the market.  Since this is highly wanted species, it is very hard for getting sufficient seedling

Meanwhile, there is very limited planting technology for MD2, this include:

  1. Planted Area per farm
  2. Planted Density
  3. Fertilizer apply
  4. Fruit size distribution
  5. Grading and Yield

In order to overcome the above uncertainty, planter always needs to work with agronomist, MPIB and fertilizer manufacturer to ensure we could form a reliable workforce to overcome the challenge.  As an Organic Compost Manufacturer in the region, CH Biotech has worked with MD2 pineapple planter closely to ensure we could supply the organic fertilizer effectively.

In case you are having plan to plant MD2 pineapple, CH Biotech is always here to serve you.

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4 responses to “Plant MD2 Pineapple”

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  2. Yam Meng Fong says:

    I have a 20acre of land in Sepang and another 25 in temerloh which I would like to plant md2 pineapple.

    Can I have a personnel in charge to contact me regarding the fertilizer?

  3. Alberttong says:

    Planing to start planting my six acres. How much does it cost to fertilised and frequency.

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