Malaysia Compost Supplier

CH Biotech
CH Biotech – Compost Manufacturer in Malaysia

There are many compost suppliers in Malaysia and CH Biotech is one of the key suppliers too!.  We supply our own AF organic compost for domestic agriculture and farming industry.  If you are performing an internet search, there are many compost sellers available in the market, however, most of the seller is a dealer for their own territory.

CH Biotech not only a compost supplier in Malaysia but also compost manufacturer.  With our own research capability and marketing team, our AF series organic compost has gained reputable remarks in agriculture sector, especially durian, Asian fruits and oil palm plantation.

Malaysia Compost Supplier

Organic Compost

CH Biotech has formed a Marketing team in order becomes a compost supplier for Malaysia market.  CH Biotech only focus on our self-made organic compost and fertilizer products.

In Malaysia, many fertilizer suppliers are dealer or distributor.  They may not have research and manufacture capability for optimizing the organic fertilizer products.  In CH Biotech, we do have our own manufacture capability.  We are a dedicated compost manufacturer who ensures our incoming raw material, process and packaging needs fulfil our product standard.

Through many years of working in the agriculture industry sector, we identify the needs of a plantation owner.  Now we think it is the correct moments for forming up a dedicated Marketing team to support domestic agriculture industry.

Key Factors for a Compost Supplier

CH Biotech has committed tremendous resources to become direct compost supplier in Malaysia

The Marketing team is getting full commitment from CH Biotech’s director in:

  1. Product Quantity Commitment.
  2. R&D Commitment.
  3. Product Quality.
  4. Packing and Delivery.

CH Biotech is committed to have full support for our customers.  Even though our plant base AF organic compost is suitable for almost plant, but it always a rooms for optimizing.  We are ready to work with our customers to fulfill their requirements.

CH Biotech also works with several service providers such as transporter and laboratory to ensure our compost fertilizer deliver to customer’s site at the highest grade quality.

Where to Buy Our Quality Compost

There are several dealers and distributors throughout Malaysia.  Apart from getting from the dealer, the customer could direct contact CH Biotech via phone or email.  There is a dedicates sale team to handle your requirement.

CH Biotech supplies quality plant base organic compost as well as it commodities.  Besides directly deal with customer who needs long term technical support, we also work with distributors on promoting our organic compost in e-commerce.  We are confident that with our Marketing team and distributors, CH Biotech is going to becomes famous organic compost supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia.

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10 responses to “Malaysia Compost Supplier”

  1. Uma Sanmugam says:

    I hv 1200sf of land corner of my house. Intending to start home gardening, veg garden. Hope to get whole sale price for the compost, to manage n budget the cost of the compost.

    • admin says:

      I am very glad to know that you are planning to plant your own vegetable in your home garden. You can get moderate exercise while having payback with tasty vegetable. I am not very sure which type of vegetable you are looking for planting as this may vary the compost or nutrient requirement.
      In general, I could list out several things for you to consider
      1. Potting Mix. This is the foundation for planting base.
      2. Compost. Only apply compost on a weekly basis to replenish the nutrient lost during planting.
      3. Liquid fertilizer. For further enhance soil nutrient.

      Let me know your address or at least the housing estate destination so that I could give you a general quote include the delivery to your premise.

  2. Shirley thien says:

    Hi, would like to ask how much 1m2 potting mix to my home @ kl

  3. Grace Chiang says:

    Hi, I am a home gardener and would like to have a quote for 25 and 40 kg pack, inclusive delivery to Alam Impian, Shah Alam.

  4. my factory land is rocky hard, grass and trees are difficult to survive. i need about 10 tons of compost top soil , can you supply?meanwhile do you supply organic fertilizers for the same?

    • admin says:

      Rocky land definitely not favour in planting, however, we could always cover with topsoil or potting mix before planting. May I know what type of crop you intend plant?
      We can supply fertilizer too!

  5. […] Biotech is a key Malaysia organic compost supplier for Malaysia domestic market.  We have worked with many distributors in various regions for […]

  6. Tan Yee Hao says:

    Hi, I am Mr.Tan from Alpha Biogreen.

    I need around 100 metric ton of organic compost. Please contact me at +6 011 XXXXXXXX (Mr.Tan)

    Hope to receive your call asap for further discussion.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for showing interest in our organi ccompost product. Our person in charge will contact you shortly.
      In case you need to talk to us, you could also whatsapp or call us @ 016-5599263

  7. Khalid Wong says:

    Hi, I’m interested to order organic compost to Langkawi please provide me a quote

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