Where to Buy Organic Compost in Malaysia

Organic Compost

CH Biotech had launched the organic compost for several years.  There are still users who want to know where to buy compost in Malaysia.  CH Biotech manufacture own organic compost and direct supply to agriculture plantation and farm for many years.  However, there are always some segments of customers we want to introduce our products.

Why buy Organic Compost from Manufacturer

As known, the user could ferment organic compost at home by using the composting bin.  Unfortunately, the entire fermented process may take up at least 3 months time and the compost quality may vary from time to timeWe believe quality organic compost should always come from the factory that is having dedicated and appropriate fermented process control.

Currently, CH Biotech has broadened our sale network by setting up a Marketing Team and working with more distributors throughout Malaysia.  We also work with some distributors to promote our organic compost and organic fertilizer product via e-commerce.

Organic Compost

Where to Buy Compost in Malaysia

Our high-quality organic compost is available in various outlets, you could buy the quality organic compost and fertilizer from

  1. CH Biotech, the organic compost manufacturer.
  2. Distributor from every territory
  3. E-commerce distributor

Among all, we have been working with 2 e-commerce distributors to promote our quality organic compost in the internet segment.  The distributors are having a good networking and channel in e-commerce so that quality organic compost is easily accessible.

Promote Organic Compost in Planting

CH Biotech has launched our organic compost and fertilizer product since several years ago.  We have served agriculture and various estates since then.  However, from our understanding, many organic compost manufacturers only have direct selling

Egg Plant with Compost

After so many years working in the agriculture industry, we are very sure organic compost is the essential ingredient for growing delicious crops.  We want to promote more planters to adopt organic compost during their planting.  CH Biotech wants to contribute our effort in promoting planting with organic compost.

In Malaysia, many planters still heavily rely in NPK fertilizer and almost not using any organic compost for conditioning a fatigue soil.  However, there are still a group of planters are using chicken manure without considering the pesticide risk.

AF-Compost is quality plant base organic compost which also an essential ingredient for planting.  Soil is rejuvenated and also replenished the trace elements to a fatigue soil.  Use organic compost for your planting

As long as you want to buy organic compost in Malaysia, our organic compost is always here to serve you.

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15 responses to “Where to Buy Organic Compost in Malaysia”

  1. Dicky Low says:

    Hi, I’m interested in your Organic Compost. Can you let me know where to get it in Northern Selangor? Or who is your e-commerce partner?

  2. Lim KS says:


    I live in PJ, Selangor and would like to buy one or two bags of compost for my house veg garden.

    Where is the nearest I can walk in and buy?

  3. Loh Wan Kim says:

    Where is the nearest shop in Melaka selling your organic compost.

    • admin says:

      Sorry as we do not have a dealer in Melaka area. But if you purchase in bulk for your estate, we could always arrange sdirect shipping from factory.

  4. Teh Kean Ming says:

    Wish to purchase 2 m3 of compost soil, in KL or Shah Alam areas.
    Pls advise.

  5. Felix Chin says:

    I am planning to start a plant nursery. Do you think your compost can speed up the growth of the seedlings? May I know how much is 100kilos? Chin

  6. Mr Tan says:

    May i know the supplier nearest to Rawang?

  7. Christophe Barthelemy says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Would you be able to ship around 40+60 tons of compost to HK? If so what would be the cost

    Looking forward to your kind reply

  8. Ban lo says:

    Hi. We are interested in your compost from the kuala kangsar plant. May i know the price per ton delivered to kamunting, taiping, in bulk. And what is the minimum order for bulk. Thanks

  9. Freddie Soh says:

    Hi, We are looking for Compost on long term supply, can you provide me more in detail of your compost like contents , we are looking for 100mt / month for local and export market.Pls advice.

  10. Elvina says:

    I would like to purchase 1 ton of compost. I’m staying in Kota damansara, Petaling Jaya

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