How we measure Composting Temprature

Measure the composting temperature
Measure the composting temperature

Everybody aware heat is generated during the composting process, but how to measure the composting temperature in the compost pile?  Perhaps composting temperature in the compost pile is the upmost important parameter for the composting process.  As an organic compost manufacturer, CH Biotech has a comprehensive monitoring process to determine the composting process.

You can also think composting process is promoting an aeration process for microbial, during the microbial grow, heat is generated.

How to Measure Compost Temperature

Thermometer used

Thermometer with long probe is a necessity for measure a temperature in a compost pile.  Organic substance is always pile up so that the microbial in the organic substance to decompose the organic matter.  During the decomposing process, heat is generated and the organic substance is being consumed.

Insert the thermometer probe into the compost pile, and wait the temperature becomes saturate.  Only record the compost temperature once temperature reading is stabilize.

In order to contain a better picture about the temperature within a compost pile, we always measure several points within a pile and also with different depth.  We always recommended adopting the compost temperature about 250-350mm underneath of a compost pile

Factor Affects Composting

Since microbial or micro-organism is growing during the composting process, there are several factors are affecting the microbial grow.   The more heat is generated imply that the microbial in the compost pile is growing rapidly, hence imply the temperature is getting higher. Once the organic substance depleted, the temperature in the compost pile will start dropping.

There are many factors affected the composting process,

  1. Microbial species
  2. Oxygen level
  3. Organic substance
  4. Moisture level
  5. Depth of the pile

Once the factors change, this may affect the growing rate of microbial and eventually imply the change in composting temperature.  There are tons of article showing us how to carry out composting effectively, such as we are required to make turning on the compost pile within a period of time.

In CH Biotech, besides the control mechanism on composting pile, we also control the microbial species.  I know most of the reader may not have the luxury on controlling this parameter, but as an organic compost manufacturer, we are able to do more in order to maintain our compost quality.

What is the Suitable Composting Temperature

In general, a composting pile always record within 40-50degree C temperature range after pile up for 3 days of the composting process.  However, due to our organic substance and process needs, our composting process always maintain at the temperature of at least 60degree or above.  We will start rotating the compost pile after the temperature exit certain limit.

We have to maintain higher composting temperature because our microbial is growing rapidly and also the high temperature will kill the pesticide in the organic material.  However in ordinary homemade organic compost, we do not recommend our reader maintain a high composting temperature as this may a potential risk on catch fire if without scrutiny monitoring.

There are several organic substance being used in our organic compost ingredient, all substance has carried out respective composting process.  You are always welcome talking to us about compost process or understand our organic compost product.

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