Why Choosing Our Potting Compost

Choose our potting mix or potting compost, you could immediately start planting with almost no hassle.  Many readers come after us checking about how to mix our AF Organic Compost with top soil before they could start planting in their garden. 

Potting Mix
Potting Mix

CH Biotech as the key organic fertilizer supplier in Malaysia, we have come out the fatigued product line to support the market.  Even though our organic compost is a suitable product for most planting however organic compost does not suitable for direct apply .  Our development team has formulated a potting compost formulation so that the user could directly plant.  grows has solved many obstacles and promoting agriculture activity for the household user.

Ingredient of Potting Compost

Potting Mix Ingredient

The ingredient for Potting Compost consists of 3 major substances:

  1. Organic Compost.
  2. Topsoil
  3. Fermented Fibre

Since our organic compost is plant based compost, it consists several substance which helps to promote air flow in the soil. After the mixture with topsoil, the potting compost still maintain a good structure which favour for plant grow.

CH Biotech maintains the potting mix ingredient as simple as possible as this is the basic formulation suitable for all crop.  Again, just for a reminder, potting compost mainly use in the pot planting.

How to use Potting Compost

The potting compost already consisted of basic nutrient and trace elements for a small plant.  The user may not require adding additional the at the beginning stage. Planter only requires adding water at the beginning stage.

Once our user gets our potting mix or potting compost, they could pour the potting compost in the pot and it is ready for planting.  Shift the small plant into the pot and with daily watering, the plant should grow well within several days.

Organic Compost

Why Potting Compost but not Organic Compost

While user wants to start planting in a pot, they need a potting compost to fill out the pot.  The pot compost consists of basic ingredient and fertilizer to grow the plant. However, after some time of planting, the plant grows seems slower, this is the sign of soil is getting fatigue. This is the moment while the user could start adding organic compost or even fortified compost for promoting better plant growth.

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