Organic fertilizer soil for Succulent Plant

CH Biotech is a famous compost manufacturer in Malaysia.  Recently MM Garden, an organic garden decoration company, contacted us for developing dedicates organic fertilizer soil for succulent plants.  There are many organic fertilizer soils available in the market however most of the recipe was designed for agriculture plant.  MM Garden wants a fertilizer recipe which dedicated for a small plant, such as succulent plant which normally plants in the office.

Succulent Plant
Succulent Plant

AF Organic Compost is a plant base organic compost which fulfils many planting needs.  After study the nutrition and planting needs, we concluded that AF Organic Compost should be used as the primary ingredient for this dedicates planting soil.

The speciality about Succulent Organic Soil

Succulent plant is a small and colourful plant which has very beautiful and fleshy leave.  Perhaps the leave is much thicker than the ordinary plant leave.  Aloe and the Cacti could consider as succulent plants.  However, in we are working with the gardener who plants much beautiful plant.

Succulent plant is a drought-resistant plant which could grow pretty well with limit water and nutrient supply.  Succulent plant is very suitable planting in a relatively dry air condition room, with very minimum water supply or even without water supply for Saturday and Sunday, the plant still grow very well.

Because of the plant nature, we have to formulate our soil so that it gives much room for the plant root to grow.  An ordinary soil could become too harden for succulent plant grows.  Our organic compost product pre-mix with cocopeat and fermented fibre is giving a much suitable condition for the succulent plant.

Developing Organic Fertilizer Soil for Succulent Plant

CH Biotech has many years of experience in developing organic fertilizer soil for the dedicate plant.  Even though we are new to succulent plants, but we have an appropriate working process in order to develop a new product.

Thanks for the powerful Google search engine which allow us to perform the basic study about the Succulent plant.  After researching literature, we had gained the basic knowledge about this plant.  Through our knowledge, we outlined several key factors for judging the healthy growth for Succulent plat.

Base on the plant characteristic, we had set up several organic soil recipes for planting succulent plant.  We had planted several succulent species with various soil recipes so that we could adopt better idea about our soil quality for the succulent plant.

The experiments take us 6 months before we could draw a conclusion.

Test the Organic Fertilizer Soil

In the agriculture industry, we have to test our organic fertilizer soil before we are confidently said the recipe is finalized.  We could see difference growth quality for various organic fertilizer soil recipes.  Throughout our experiments, we are getting full support from MM Garden.  The gardener from MM Garden has been helping us to monitor the succulent plant grow.

With the input and feedback from MM Garden, we are able to obtain reliable data for succulent plant grows.  The gardener from MM Garden is known that they could have quick judgment even after 1 month of planting.  This really helps us expedite the soil formulation.

We had finalized and supplied the organic fertilizer soil for succulent plants to MM Garden.  Since this is a proprietary product, we encourage our interested reader could directly buy from MM Garden.  You are welcome to visit their online shop or visit MM Garden Facebook page.  We are very confident you will love their product as we did.

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