Main Features of AF Organic Compost

Organic Compost has been overlooked by many farmers especially NPK fertilizer is overwhelming entire agriculture industry.  There are several important features of organic compost or advantageous which could not be replaced by NPK fertilizer.

AF Organic Compost Features

AF Organic Compost Features

Throughout our visit to various farmers or planters, we could easily feel their frustration that they are experiencing a reduction in harvesting yield if they are applying the same amount of fertilizer as the previous year.  Moreover, agriculture quality is also reducing across time.  This phenomenon is even significant for those planting local fruits farmers.

How to Improve the Fruit Taste?

We are seeing many farmers have converted their agriculture activity in planting local Asia fruits.  Just take durian as an example, durian price has increased several folds as compared to several years ago.  The consumer has more demanding while come to purchase a fruit, they are not only looking for appearance but also the unique taste of the fruits.

As we know, NPK fertilizer is the basic elements for growing a tree and nursing a fruit, but there are many other nutrient needs in order to grow and harvest a tasty fruit.  In general, the nutrient which we mention here is the trace element of a fertilizer.  In healthy soil, the soil should have comprehensive trace elements include Magnesium, Borem and much more.  Those trace elements are the nature of a healthy soil and almost impossible to artificially added in.

The Role and Source of Trace Elements

The trace elements are an essential nutrient need for growing a healthy tree and tasty fruit.  Whereby the NPK fertilizer is the enhance booster to grow a bigger and larger fruit.  Trace elements are the nature of a healthy soil and it becomes lesser while the soil is getting fatigued, this is because the trace elements have been absorbed by the plant through an ionizing exchange.

In standard NPK fertilizer, it does not content of trace elements.  The farmer always applies NPK fertilizer in a fatigue soil but due to lack of soil’s trace elements, the ionic exchange between the soil and tree are poorer and ineffective.  In order to rejuvenate the soil, we have to add organic substance so that the fatigue soil could recover to it norm stage.  Organic compost is the mandatory for soil amendment purpose.

There is much variety of organic compost in the market, and we highly rate plant base organic compost should be the best among all.  Our AF-Compost is a plant base organic compost which we composting from EFB fibre.

Main Features of AF-Organic Compost

There are several main features for AF-Organic Compost,

  • Rich in trace elements for a healthy soil
  • 3D structure promote water retention and air intake
  • Consists Trichoderma and other microbes which resemble the nature soil
  • Improve organic chelate effect

Now you should have a better idea about the features of organic compost and also how the role of organic compost in promoting your plant and fruit.  You are always welcome to give us a call or contact CH Biotech for understanding about having better harvesting result.  More important, tasty fruit!

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