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Cocopeat is a primary agriculture medium used in some agriculture farm.  Even though it is a very common planting medium unfortunately you may not be able to buy this agriculture substance in any gardening farm.  CH Biotech does have cocopeat in our factory and we are selling those cocopeat to a farmer who needs it.


Some readers had asked us about whether cocopeat could replace organic compostCocopeat and organic compost are two difference agriculture substances, both serve a different purpose.  We will explain some basic knowledge about Cocopeat.

What is Cocopeat

 Cocopeat is a substance from coconut husk.  It is difference then coconut fibre or coir.  During the manufacturer remove the coir from a coconut, debris is generated during the process.  The debris is the cocopeat.  Cocopeat is not the same as coconut fibre, or coir.  Cocopeat is having a characteristic that it is good in water absorption and also loose enough to promote air penetrating within the material. 

Even though cocopeat is an organic substance however it does not contains any nutrient.  In other words, cocopeat could not be the sole material in planting.  Many fertilizer formulations have included cocopeat as one of the composition. 

Cocopeat & Compost
Cocopeat & Compost

Cocopeat Characteristic and Advantages

Cocopeat is a planting medium for potting mix soil,hydroponic planting and soil conditional.  Cocopeat could become such a friendly plating medium because of below characteristic:

  1. An organic substance which shows good resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.
  2. Good water retention capability.  Could hold up to 6 times of water by weight.
  3. Promote porous structure to the soil.
  4. Mild acidic medium with pH 5.7 – 6.5.
  5. Slow biodegrade which could use for several planting schemes.
  6. High CN ratio, about 80:1

How to Plant with Cocopeat

The organic cocopeat is suitable for many crops.  For certain crops like chili or precious flower, while planter would like to have a controllable planting condition, they will select cocopeat as the medium.

We are seeing some nursery is using cocopeat as the primary medium for small crop especially planting at the beginning stage.  Once the crop is growing up, the gardener will move the small crop for a bigger pot for planting purpose.

The cocopeat could also be placed in a pot and a control amount of nutrient solution will be added accordingly.  The plant will have less variation under this condition.

Our reader could get our prepack cocopeat from CHBiotech or our associate nursery nearby your district.  You are welcome to find out more about cocopeat from us.

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