Is Chicken Manure Consists in Organic Compost

In CH Biotech, our organic compost product does not consist any chicken manure or cow dung.  We are using plant base substance for composting.

Many people are having a perception that chicken manure or cow dung is the composition for organic compost.  You are right, chicken manure or cow dung are consider as organic substance however both of them are not the only substance..

Organic Compost AF-Compost
Organic Compost AF-Compost

Why not using Chicken Manure

Chicken manure is a common raw material substance for organic compost product.  However, through long term study, chicken manure consists of pesticide which is putting the tree into high risk for getting sick.  As known, Nematode disease is causing by the pesticide from chicken manure.

Even though we know many farmers are still using chicken manure because of availability and costing concern, after understanding the risk, many has started changing their mind for our organic compost products.

Composition of AF Organic Compost

AF Organic Compost is fermented by EFB sludge from palm oil mill.  The sludge mainly consist of mesocarp fibre, bunches fibre.  All those raw materials are classified as plant base as it distills from the oil palm bunches.

Furthermore, we are adding in fermented palm fibre as one of the important composition for our organic compost material.  With the added fermented palm fibre, we are able to form a better structure of organic compost product.

Our Commitment to Organic Compost

In CH Biotech, we are very clear and strict about the organic substances used for manufacturing quality organic compost.  We are confident enough in saying that we only produce plant base organic compost product.  We know the deficiency and risk in using chicken manure, and we have to focus and stick to our commitment.

Even though chicken manure will be going through the thorough process in order to remove the awkward smell and the pesticide, however, through our understanding the pesticide risk still remain very high. Take for an example, durian plantation needs to apply organic compost after the harvesting season, but the owner WILL NEVER apply any organic compost consist of chicken manure.

CH Biotech has been working with many fruit farm owners who need organic compost to supply comprehensive trace elements to the tree.  Comprehensive trace elements have become the core needs for growing a healthy tree and delicious fruits.  We know plant base organic compost is the best among all available organic substances.

If you are using chicken manure or any organic compost consists of chicken manure, it is the moment for you swap to our plant base organic compost product.  There are many organic composts available in the market, make sure you select the plant base organic compost.

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2 responses to “Is Chicken Manure Consists in Organic Compost”

  1. Tom says:

    Many people is having a perception that chicken manure or other animal discharge are organic compost.

    • admin says:

      You are right, chicken manure and other animal discharge could become the raw material of organic compost. As the article reviewed, there is always a high risk for using chicken manure as part of the organic compost ingredient.

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