How To Know a Quality Organic Fertilizer Products

There are many organic fertilizer products available in the Malaysia market but how could we determine the product quality?  How we could differentiate the fertilizer is suitable for our crops?

Even though there are many factors affecting an organic fertilizer quality, however there are a few areas we could always consider before we make a purchase.

Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer Background

Thank for the development of the internet and social media the are easier knowing the manufacturer background for any organic compost. Via the manufacturer name or product brand, you could perform a search at the internet to understand the manufacturer background.  You could even go to social media, is even easier for you to understand the remarks given by their follower.

CH Biotech is an organic fertilizer manufacturer, our organic compost and fortified fertilizer have gained substantial market share in Malaysia. Besides product development and customer engagement, we also update our company website and CH Biotech Facebook page from time to time.  This is an essential process that our follower and reader can gain confident against our products.

Details about Organic Compost Product

While reviewing CH Biotech company website, you are able to locate valuable information and products knowledge for agriculture sector.  An experience and sincere organic fertilizer manufacturer, CH Biotech has reveal many basic knowledge about the compost and fertilizer, this include:

  1. Raw Material used.
  2. Characteristic of the products
  3. The manufacture process
  4. Process Control
Measure the composting temperature
Measure the composting temperature

With the information given, you are having the basic understanding about the compost you are purchasing.  More important, you also gain confident with CH Biotech.

Planting Suggestion and Review

An experience organic compost manufacturer should be able giving some guidance in using their organic fertilizer for respective crop.  The guidance may not be the ultimate or getting optimize planting result but at least showing our reader the relevant organic fertilizer has been tested in relevant field with proven result.

Fair review or testimonial even the better for our user to gain more confident about our organic fertilizer products. 

Furthermore, our reader could easily see the progress and development of a remarkable organic fertilizer manufacturer.  CH Biotech does not has widen products line but we keep on upgrading our products to suit latest planting needs.

CH Biotech is an organic fertilizer manufacturer in Malaysia.  We manufacture our own organic compost products, formulate the fortified fertilizer for dedicate crops in Malaysia.  We are selling our own organic fertilizer products, on the other hand, we are also doing OEM for any distributor.

CH Biotech has comprehensive process setup for quality organic compost and also product quality monitoring system which maintain a consistent product quality.  Meanwhile, we are also setting up our online store.  In near future, our reader canbuy compost online.  You are always encouraged to leave us a message or contact CH Biotech if you have any comments about organic fertilizer products, and we are here to serve you better.

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2 responses to “How To Know a Quality Organic Fertilizer Products”

  1. jame says:

    why organic compost is essential for planting?

    • admin says:

      Organic compost rich in trace elements. An healthy soil always consists of many minerals, after several years of planting, the soil get fatigue, this also imply the basic mineral is lesser. Planter could replenish the soil mineral level by adding organic compost.
      This is the reason organic compost is the essential substance for healthy planting.

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