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How To Know a Quality Organic Fertilizer Products

AF-Blue Fertilizer

There are many organic fertilizer products available in the Malaysia market but how could we determine the product quality?  How we could differentiate the fertilizer is suitable for our crops? Even though there are many factors affecting an organic fertilizer quality, however there are a few areas we could always consider before we make a purchase. […]

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Know More about CH Biotech

CH Biotech is a Malaysia register company who focus in agriculture industry. CH Biotech has been heavily involved in agriculture industry for several years. Our organic fertilizer products and soil amendment products has been used in oil palm estate, fruit garden and vegetable farm in bulk scale. Since CH Biotech is well known for agriculture […]

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Why Plant Needs Bunch Ash

Bunch ash is a kind of boiler ash products which content high ratio of Potassium (K2O), or Potash in more general terms. Source of Bunch Ash Bunch ash is the ash residue from the burning of palm oil’s empty fruit bunch. The boiler consistently burn bunch product with minimum mixture of other composition, such as […]

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Replace NPK Fertilizer with Organic Compost

During our technical support section with the planter, we always come across this question whether should we replace the existing NPK fertilizer with organic compost, such as CP-05 organic compost manufacture by CH Biotech. First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to make a general statement on our CP-05 quality compost. We […]

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