Bio-05, A Quality Organic Fertilizer Product

CH Biotech is a Malaysia company focus in manufacturing and supplying organic compost & organic fertilizer to agriculture industry. Our Bio-05 series of organic fertilizer is the enhance version of our organic compost product.

Organic fertilizer is not another name for animal manure, such as chicken manure. Organic fertilizer is a general term to explain the ingredient of a fertilizer are organic in nature as well as fulfilling several criteria such as carbon nitrogen ratio (C/N ratio), Organic Matter and trace element.

What Special of Bio-05 Organic Fertilizer

Bio-05 series of organic fertilizer is produce via control composting process, meanwhile microbial ingredient is added in order to elevate the plant growing effect. In an ordinary plant growing process, planter needs to add sufficient NPK fertilizer to ensure sufficient of nutrient supply. Besides adding the NPK fertilizer, we also need to ensure the plant is able to absorb the fertilizer before it leaches out. In this case, microbial play an importance role for plant nutrient absorption.

There are many beneficiary substances consist in Bio-05 organic fertilizer, one of the composition is Humic Acid. Soil scientist has published a comprehensive study to show humic acid is increasing plant growth.

Manufacture Control of Bio-05 Organic Fertilizer

The Bio-05 organic fertilizer is produced with stringent process control. Many organic substances are added through-out the composting process to ensure the meeting organic fertilizer criteria. Perhaps, our manufacture process is through eco-friendly composting process, through-out the process, we ensure the pathogen is eliminated.

Who Needs Bio-05 Organic Compost

Bio-05 organic fertilizer definitely is your first choice if you want to claim for organic farming. Bio-05 organic fertilizer suits for all plantations. However there are a few conditions that Bio-05 is mandatory:

1)      Newly plant tree. Planter can just put 5-8kg of Bio-05 during the newly planting area. The nutrition in Bio-05 is able to sufficiently supply the nutrient for the tree for coming 3 months time.

2)      A soil which lack of organic matter. A soil which always added NPK fertilizer will experience decay in fruitful yield, this is because the soil is lack with organic matter and the NPK fertilizer become insoluble for the tree to absorb. Once the tree area is place with organic fertilizer, the humic acid will act as a catalyst for nutrient transfer purpose.

Bio-05 is one of our standard organic fertilizer products. With our composting knowledge and facility, we are able to work with individual plantation or fertilizer agency for setting up an unique organic fertilizer for specific plant.

Our viable technical knowledge and our commitment to agriculture industry, CH Biotech is ready to render our service to all plantation who willing to engage us. Please kindly call CH Biotech to discuss about your needs in organic fertilizer.


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