Why Plant Needs Bunch Ash

Bunch ash is a kind of boiler ash products which content high ratio of Potassium (K2O), or Potash in more general terms.

Source of Bunch Ash

Bunch ash is the ash residue from the burning of palm oil’s empty fruit bunch. The boiler consistently burn bunch product with minimum mixture of other composition, such as palm kernel shell. The ash accumulated at the boiler outlet will be gather and pack for agriculture purpose.

Characteristic of Bunch Ash

The bunch ash is having the below standard characteristic:

  1. Form. A flyable ash base with light-grey in colour.
  2. Alkaline base. If the ash is dilute in the water, it will shows an alkaline base with the pH between 10-12.
  3. Moisture: <10%
  4. Potassium content: 30%

Some Application of Bunch Ash

There are commonly 2 way for applying bunch ash for the crop,

  1. Pure bunch ash.  Bunch ash can directly spread on the soil around the root area. The high Potassium concentration of bunch ash will quickly dissolve and improve the soil quality.
  2. Bunch ash premix with organic compost.  This premix of organic fertilizer or compost is more ease in application process. The alkaline base of organic compost will act the key factor for soil amendment whereby the Potassium will improve the crop’s yield.

Bunch ash very suitable for many crops as the Potassium is one of the key element for promoting fruit growth.

The bunch ash is an organic fertilizer originated from the ash residual after burning the oil palm empty fruit bunch. It is rich in Potassium contain.

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  1. Wong Wen Ying says:

    Hi, may I know the C/N ratio of the bunch ash? Thank you

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