Export CP-05 Organic Compost to overseas?

We know CP-05 organic compost is a quality organic compost product suitable for many crops and

Organic Compost

Organic Compost

soil. Many traders have approached us and telling us their intention for exporting this CP-05 organic compost to overseas market.

We are very happy that our quality CP-05 organic compost has gotten recognition by many people in the market, meanwhile we also very please for their offer by helping us promote organic compost to overseas market.

Organic Compost Export to Overseas?

Follow many countries’ regulation, compost is a ban product for importing. We all know compost or organic compost is a very useful commodity for soil conditioner and crops growth. One of the reasons is that compost consist many type of microbial.

The purpose for microbial is stimulating the plant to intake more nutrients and also breakdown the NPK nutrient which needs for plant grow. Unfortunately not every country also having a restriction in microbial control, this is basically to control the decease to invade into the country. Under such circumstances, soil is restricted for importing to one country.

CP-05 Organic Compost is means more for Malaysia Market

In CH Biotech, we are very certain about the regulation set at individual country. Our quality CP-05 organic compost products are targeted for Malaysia agriculture market.

We want Malaysia gardening user to rest assure that our CP-05 series of organic compost is a quality composting product which very suitable for agriculture sector. Perhaps CP-05 series of organic compost has been widely used in many agriculture crops such as oil palm estate, banana estate, fruit estate, paddy fied.

In future, if you are looking for organic compost product, you will never find any imported organic compost product at Malaysia. After our explanation, you should understand the reason behind that organic compost is not meant for export.

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3 responses to “Export CP-05 Organic Compost to overseas?”

  1. Hanif Memon says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have come across about Compost Soil Conditioner on your company Website on Google Search Engine which is useful for cultivation and required for Agriculture in Pakistan.

    I request you to kindly advise the following:

    Exportable Quantity in M / Tons stuff into 1×20 Feet / 1×40 Feet Container.

    Best comptitive Price CFR / CIF Price of the Product

    Packing Style of the Product

    Transit Time of the Shipment from USA to Karachi – Pakistan

    Regular monthly supply of the Product.

    The purpose of our approaching to your valued company is to find possibility for the revival of non–activated / non–performing / dead soil of the vast Agriculture Area in Pakistan has been lying for a long time.

    And for a long time we have been exploring the possible opportunity around the world to apply the workable product to revive and maintain the cultivating Soil Condition of the Agriculture Area in Pakistan.

    We have already approached to our local expert in Sindh – the Agriculture Province of Pakistan and he has advised on the present position of the Agriculture Soil in Pakistan as under:

    · Presently about 100, 000 Acres of Agriculture Landscapes / Land Areas have been almost Dead Land / Soil.

    · And the Soil Condition of the Dead Soil is PH 8 to 9 which are not useful for Cultivation purpose.

    · The normal Soil Condition for cultivation of the Agri – Land is PH 7

    · The following required Ingredients for Soil Conditioner should be available in the substance of Bio Char:

    · Gypsum

    · Calcium Chloride

    · Ammonium Sulphate and

    · Iron Sulphate

    · The functions of the above Ingredients are to improve and maintain the Soil Condition for the cultivation to the present non –activated Agri – Soil.

    · And Soil Conditioner of the Compost functionally gives the result according to expected target of the Soil so in that case Compost will be required in Bulk / Huge Quantity to cover the vast Cultivation Area throughout Pakistan

    We request you to kindly review the above and give reply with your expert and comprehensive opinion and with the modality of application of the Compost which will help us to comprehend / understand the practical use of Compost on the Dead Soil and we are also looking for regular supply of Compost Soil Conditioner for Pakistan.

    With best regards,

    Hanif Memon

    Cell / Whats App / BOTIM / Viber: +92-333-3047857

    • Bergon Spencer says:

      Good day i have an emdless supply of quality top grade compost that will fertilize and rejuvenate any top soil for growing.Can send 1×40 container every month. At a price we can negotiate.

  2. Bergon Spencer says:

    Good day i have an emdless supply of quality top grade compost that will fertilize and rejuvenate any top soil for growing.Can send 1×40 container every month. At a price we can negotiate.

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