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CH Biotech is a Malaysia register company who focus in agriculture industry. CH Biotech has

CH Biotech

CH Biotech

been heavily involved in agriculture industry for several years. Our organic fertilizer products and soil amendment products has been used in oil palm estate, fruit garden and vegetable farm in bulk scale.

Since CH Biotech is well known for agriculture industry, we are moving a step further toward household and gardening organic fertilizer products.   There are not many organic fertilizer products in the market, hence CH Biotech want to fulfill the organic gaps for gardening purpose.

In CH Biotech, we concentrate our effort in 4 type of products, namely organic compost, biochar, zeolite and palm ash. The quality organic compost and biochar products have been widely used through-out in Malaysia

CH Biotech organic compost products has gotten high compliment from customers.

Where CH Biotech Locates?

CH Biotech located in Hutan Melintang, Perak, Malaysia. The plant covers with 1 hectare land area and 2 buildings. Looks for CH Biotech in Google Maps.

Organic compost is one of our main products. Currently CH Biotech is able to supply 500MT organic compost every month. In order to manufacture quality products, we have dedicate process equipment and machinery establish to fulfill our process needs.

CH Biotech Products

CH Biotech has formulated several kinds of organic fertilizer products for various composition and packaging size. We also supply the pure organic fertilizer products such as organic compost, biochar if customer want in bulk.

1)      CP-05 organic compost is the best product if you are newly plant your garden or grass. Spread the organic compost on the soil before you start planting.

2)      Bio-05 product is the premium quality pre-mix organic fertilizer products which for dedicate area or plant. The Bio-05 will convert the acidic soil to mild-alkaline, meanwhile the product also consist of rich microbial which promote the plant growth.

Advantageous for CH Biotech Products

Our organic fertilizer products are manufacture via control process to ensure quality consistency. You are going to experience a consistent and repeatable planting result for any purchase of CH Biotech products.

CH Biotech’s organic fertilizer products has been used and proof for achieving better result. You are very certain to experience greener leave and healthy root after applying our organic fertilizer for your plant.

CH Biotech could works with customer for achieving better products. We have a dedicate team and work force to support the organic fertilizer development needs.

How to Approach CH Biotech

There are not many garden nursery is distributing our organic fertilizer products. However you are always welcome writing to CH Biotech for any inquiry.

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