Purpose of Humic Acid

Humic acid is one of the essential compositions while determining soil quality. A soil which lack of

Organic compost product which rich in Humic Acid

Organic compost product which rich in Humic Acid

humic acid will definitely bring disadvantages in plant or crop growing.

In most of the crop planting, we heard about various fertilizer regardless organic fertilizer or NPK fertilizer but not humic acid. Before we go into the detail about the mechanism of plant growing for humic acid, let us understand some basic knowledge about humic acid.

What is the purpose for Humic Acid?

Humic acid will contribute the plant grow in 3 major aspects:

1)    Nutrient Transfer. The soil will get hardening after applying chemical fertilizer or NPK

Root Nutrient Transfer Diagram

Root Nutrient Transfer Diagram

fertilizer for a period of time. One of the deficiency of harden soil is poor in nutrient transfer from the root to the tree. A soil with rich humic acid will ionize the mineral base fertilizer and get it transfer to the tree.

2)    Soil Amendment. Soil will become acidic because of chemical fertilizer build up. The acidic soil will bring adverse effect in planting harvest. Adding the CP-05 organic compost will converting the soil quality toward mild alkaline stage.

3)    Living Source of Microbial. Besides those chemical indicators, microbial living in a healthy soil also an important index we should not omitted. Microbial is favourable living in a compost which rich in humic acid.

Where we could Acquire Humic Acid?

Humic acid is coming together with a product, and organic compost is the best carrier for humic acid. A quality organic compost product shall consist with substantial amount of humic acid. The organic compost CP-05 from CH Biotech consist rich in humic acid.

In CP-05 organic compost ingredient, we ensure the humic acid meet around 20% criteria. With this content of humic acid, we are seeing a significant growing of plant from various aspects, such as 1) nursery stage or 2) newly plant stage. You can read more about the Result of Using CP-05 Organic Compost.

How should we apply Humic Acid?

Since organic compost rich in humic acid, we could ensure the soil is able to obtain sufficient humic acid as long as we follow the application of organic compost.

Here is the basic guideline for applying organic compost which comes with humic acid:

  1. Newly plant Crop. Individual new planting hole need to add in 5-8kg of CP-05 organic compost.
  2. Grow Crop. Every year, apply 5 kg or organic compost around every grow crop.

Please kindly consider your soil quality if you are facing harvest deficiency and one of the possibilities is lacking of humic acid in the soil. Adding in CP-05 organic compost from CH Biotech is definitely one of the solutions for overall improvement.

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