Result Planting with CP05 Organic Compost

We have been talking about CP05 organic compost from several posts, and we receive inquiry from readers who are interested to find out the planting result after applying with CP-05 organic compost.

Root System Growth Exp.

Root System Growth Exp.

CH Biotech has carried out many field tests along with customer’s assistance. Perhaps CP-05 Organic Compost has been used and applied in many crops which all show significant result in harvest.

Crops Planting with CP-05

The application for CP-05 organic compost is wide and the potential is huge. Here we list out several crops commonly seen in Malaysia which have shown significant result after applying CP-05 organic compost.

  1. Banana. Banana is a fruit with high demanding on nutrition, especially potassium. The CP-05 organic compost and Bio-05 organic fertilizer products have been widely used in banana crops together with NPK fertilizer. It shows good result with proper application plan.
  2. Oil Palm. Oil palm is a crop which consumes high nutrient and water. Due to draught season in Malaysia, many oil palm estates are facing low yield. This is due to the soil is poor in water retaining ability. With CP-05 organic compost, water is easier to retain in the soil. On the other hand, the humic acid also promoting better microbial living condition which help in nutrient transfer from the soil to plant body.
  3. Organic Vegetable. Chicken manure is a natural organic fertilizer but with high pathogen. In modern organic farming, organic compost is replacing manure for more healthy vegetable fruit.

Result Shown After Applying CP05 Organic Compost

  1. More feeders root. A new plant at the nursery stage shows more feeders root than the control specimen after 2 -3 months time. From our study on oil palm tree at nursery, we are seeing 15% more feeder root. This will definitely help to improve the nutrient intake and better grow while transferring to the land.
  2. Larger and more in leaf. The tree in the plant with CP05 organic compost show more leaf and larger leaf as compare to the control sample.
  3. Minimize to no chemical fertilizer during early plant stage.   During the transfer planting, the planter need very cautious in putting chemical fertilizer to avoid nutrient shock. At this period of time, planter is always advice to put CP-05 organic compost.

There are many more advantageous after applying CP-05 organic compost. You are advice to test out CH Biotech organic compost to experience the planting result.

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