Why CP-05 Organic Compost is so Good for Planting

Organic Farm

Organic Farm

Many users feedback that our organic compost CP-05 has performed very good result in planting. Many planters curious what is the reason that why CP-05 organic compost is performing so good?People is talking about composting and perhaps it sound quite simple. However in CH Biotech, we bring the compost to next level. We are not only producing organic compost product but we make it a consistent product fulfilling certain specification.

Some Key Composition of CP-05 organic compost.

1)     Humic Acid. Humic acid is one of the composition to determine a soil healthy condition. A soil consist with humic acid ratio will be a rated as “healthy soil” for promoting plant growth. You can read more about the purpose of humic acid in relevant article.2)     Control of C/N ratio. A quality organic compost product is determine with the CN ratio. A compost with high CN ratio will consume the soil nutrition before deliver to the crops.

Test Result on CP-05 Organic Compost

CP-05 has been applying in difference stages during the plantation stage, all shows significant and encouraging result. Please call CH Biotech to understand more about this organic compost.

1)     Nursery Stage. Nursery stage is one of the important stage for planting. Our result shows that the top soil added with proportion ratio of organic fertilizer shows better result after several months. The significant result shows in:

  1. More feeder root. The organic test plot show more feeder root than the control sample. The more feeder root imply that the plant has better advantages in nutrient transfer while transferring the plant from nursery to actual planting area.
  2. Larger and greener leaf. Second significant advantages we are observing is leaf size. The crop planted with organic fertilizer sample shows larger in leaf and more leafs after 3 months growth.

2)     New Plant Crop. Direct applying NPK fertilizer to a newly planting crop is sort of a challenge. Through out our experience in re-planting stage, we are observing a “fertilizer shock” which happen a new plant apply with NPK fertilizer. In order to minimize the “fertilizer shock”, the planter will apply organic compost during planting stage, especially for the first 3 months of planting.

Technical Support by CH Biotech

CH Biotech is a company having the research ability and good working attitude together with our customer. We have been working closely with many estates and plantations principle.

  1. CH Biotech has many years experience promoting organic fertilizer products in Malaysia. We believe the planting should carried out on a healthy soil. This is the role of organic fertilizer.
  2. CH Biotech has many experiences applying CP-05 organic compost product in various kind of crops.
  3. CH Biotech is able to formulate organic fertilizer products for dedicate customer needs.

On the other hand, we also engaging several university for carrying out a lot researches for providing better and suitable organic compost for difference plant.

You are encourage to learn more about our CP-05 organic compost products, please call CH Biotech to learn more about our company and services.

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