Extend Accessibility as a Malaysia Compost Supplier

CH Biotech is a key Malaysia organic compost supplier for Malaysia domestic market.  We have worked with many distributors in various regions for supplying our quality compost product.  Our AF-Compost is the top seller product as this is the most wanted natural nutrient for tree.

Organic Compost provides the essential nutrient for the plant.

Continual Improvement for Compost Quality

Vegetable Plant
Vegetable Plant

Even though AF-Compost has gained high remark from the market, as an organic compost supplier in Malaysia, we still put our effort in developing a better quality compost recipe.  We always listen to feedback from the agriculture industry.  CH Biotech evaluated our compost product from various aspects in order to provide improvement action for the industry.

We have developed many actions to further improve the AF-Compost product.

  1. Nutrient Content.
  2. Packaging.
  3. Delivery Coverage.
  4. Production through-put.

Extend Organic Compost Supply

AF-Organic Compost
AF-Organic Compost

Due to the high demand and appraise from the user, we have partnered with an internet marketer team to manage our compost and relevant products in an e-commerce shop.  Having sales in internet or e-commerce is no more a secret for the 21st century especially we are moving to 5G era now. 

You may think we should have started e-commerce shop during the 1st day we setup the company however, we think now is the right moment for CH Biotech to extend our services by this method.  For the past few years, our effort focuses in product quality development as well as process development.  Through-out our journey, we have established fundamental activities in order to operate a company.  Now is the moment we could extend our exposure to more people in Malaysia

Organic Compost
Organic Compost

Compost is a necessity product for agriculture farm, for instance, durian, pineapple or even vegetable farm.  The office consumer who planting flower or gardening may need compost to keep their plant grows green and beautiful.  Unfortunately, office consumer may not be able to get a quality compost product for their planting purpose.

The AF-Compost series definitely is quality compost suitable for plant, perhaps a mandatory one.

Organic Compost Supplier in Shopee

CH Biotech Shopee
MM Garden Shopee

CH Biotech has worked with MM Garden to launch an e-commerce shop in Shopee, users are invited to access our MM Garden’s Shopee shop via the link included.  In our Shopee shop, we have more content other than the basic compost and fertilizer series.  We also include relevant related products so that you could have a good shopping experience while browsing our e-commerce shop.

We have published an article, welcome to MM Garden e-commerce shop to celebrate the launching for our e-commerce store at Shopee.

MM Garden is an organic compost supplier by promoting our organic fertilizer products in the e-commerce shop, hence, we are able to extend our organic fertilizer products to many family garden users throughout Malaysia.  CH Biotech is a compost manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia.

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