Organic Farming not Nature Farming

Raising Snail
Raising Snail

Many are talking about the organic farming concept in the agriculture industry. This concept and method not only promotes better plants and crops grow but also bring better health for humanity. Organic agriculture refers to the crop grows with organic substance and no pesticide or chemical-based fertilizer is used.

Organic compost is the main contribution to soil nutrient which needs for plant growth. The overdose of pesticide and hormone applied to the plant has exposed human-being health in a vulnerable situation. Perhaps, organic food is getting wider market in Malaysia.

Organic farming is an agriculture concept which sustained the soil, ecosystem and people.

Organic Farming
Organic Farming

Difference between Organic and Nature Farming

People always get confuse between organic and nature farming.

Nature Farming

Nature farming refers to a farming method with no interruption on the soil and planting behaviour. The chemical fertilizer and pesticide are not allowed in natural farming, this applies to organic compost too!

One of the common practice for nature planting is transferred earthworm to the soil. The earthworm will loosen the soil naturally and the vermicompost will become the natural organic fertilizer to the soil. Unfortunately, this method is less effective in growing a prosper plant.

Through our interview and visit, some tea tree planters adopt nature farming planting concept. They are trimming and harvesting the tea tree twice a year to ensure the tea tree is good enough to hold the soil. Weeds removal is minimum too!

Organic Farming

Organic Compost
Fruit from Organic Farming

This farming method implies an agriculture process which not apply any artificial fertilizer and pesticide. The concept is getting popular and wanted for growing food plant for people.

Organic farming requires more than compost and no pesticide. Sustainable agriculture planting requires planting experience as well as agriculture technology. Sustainable organic agriculture includes the below activities:

  1. Soil management.
  2. Crop diversify.
  3. Weeds management.
  4. Livestock control.

The Benefit of Organic Fruit and Vegetable

Composting Process
Composting Process

Organic agriculture requires overall planting management to ensure sustainability in agriculture. Perhaps, a well grows organic fruits and vegetables always gives better taste and nutrient in return to the consumer.

Meanwhile, the eliminate of using pesticide has brought long-term advantages to the environment and nature. The sustainable concept is widely accepted by a younger and western country.

Some disadvantages of organic agriculture

Even though we know organic farming is bringing advantages to people and the environment, unfortunately, not all plant is suitable for this method. There are some disadvantages.

  1. Cost. The organic food always requires a higher cost for growing a plant.
  2. Plant illness.
  3. Productivity and harvest amount.

Through our observation, CH Biotech is experiencing growth in this sector. While we are moving toward modernization, we need sustainable agriculture which brings better health to people. We believe organic farming agriculture will become popular.

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