Grow Your Family Backyard Garden

Grow in your bacyard garden
Grow in your bacyard garden

The home backyard garden becomes popular in Malaysia. With limited housing space, such as backyard, side lane or even the balcony, the family grower could turn it to a family garden. With the help of agriculture products, such as planting soil, converting an abandoned backyard into the family garden only require a simple effort but the payback is huge!

CH Biotech as a fertilizer company, we always encourage many family growers to set up their family garden. Sufficient sunshine is a free resource for Malaysian to grow a plant. Furthermore, with the premix potting soil, this makes the planting job easier.

A family backyard garden could provide precious moment for holding family member together.

Family Backyard Garden
Family Backyard Garden

Set up an Urban Farm

We know space is always a constrain in an urban area, however, there is always a possibility if you could identify a space within your compound. Such as the backyard or balcony.

You are not necessarily looking for a huge landscape, just a limited space as big as a car foot-print would be good enough. You should clean up space after identifying the area you want to convert it become your home garden. By the way, make sure space will expose to direct sunshine for at least 3-4hours per day.

Plant Selection for Backyard Garden

A Beautiful Backyard Garden

There are many plants you could choose for your backyard garden. First of all, you have to decide if you want to plant on the ground or pot plant. Plant on the ground is always the best choice for planter who want to have a better harvest.

However, start planting from the pot would be the smart move so that you could see your planting result without too much excessive work. We will give you some recommendation for you to fill up your family backyard garden.

Pot Plant Selection

  1. Flower
  2. Ladyfinger
  3. Wheatgrass
  4. Vegetable plant such as lettuce, spinach

Ground Plant Selection

Since you have gathered a larger space, I always ask them to consider planting some beautiful grass and flower. Turning a messy empty place into garden sort of backyard is a massive achievement. At the same time, you could make some plants in the garden.

  1. Grass
  2. Flower
  3. Vegetable plant

The benefit of having a Family Backyard garden

Organic Food
Organic food from Backyard Garden

You never know the advantages after you have owned a backyard garden. A simple backyard garden will just become a harmonize place for the living space. If you plant in the garden, good chances you can harvest the organic plant and also pesticide-free for better health.

There are several advantages you could immediately enjoy for a garden.

  1. A place tight up family members stays together.
  2. Provides a greener lifestyle.
  3. Grow your own vegetable.
  4. A moderate workout place.

We have seen an overall improvement after the family has set up a backyard garden. The whole family is staying in healthier living quality.

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