Wheatgrass Combo Planting Set

The Wheatgrass Combo Set is giving you the most convenient package for start planting wheatgrass. Wheatgrass comes in many advantages such as low calories and high fibre dietary. It is also rich in trace elements which everyone needs. There are many advantages to consuming wheatgrass, you could find out the information in a health magazine.

Making my Wheatgrass Drink

Many have just purchased wheatgrass powder from a local pharmacy or direct sale. However, we recommend consuming wheatgrass drink in a fresh manner. Making your own wheatgrass could be very simple, just start planting some wheatgrass in the balcony.

  1. Plant your own wheatgrass by using our combo set.
  2. Harvest the wheatgrass after 7days since started seed germination.
  3. Blend the wheatgrass leaf in a food blender.
  4. Mix with lemon juice and honey for better taste.

Content of Wheatgrass Combo Set

A family planter could immediately start planting wheatgrass once receive this combo set. The set consists of below elements:

  1. Wheatgrass. 60g* 2bag
  2. Organic Planting Soil. 1kg
  3. Plastic Planting Tray. 1 unit with dimension 22*28*5cm (H)
  4. Cloth. For seeds germination purpose.

Plant my Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass Seeds
Wheatgrass Seeds

There are many wheatgrass planting schemes on the web, but I would like to spare with you about our propose method while you receive this combo set.

  1. Germinate the seeds. Direct soak 1 bag of the seeds (35g) into city water for 24 hours. Change water after 24hours soaking. Soak another 12 hours until the seed starts germinate.
  2. Prepare the tray and planting soil. The combo set comes with a tray. Pour about 2/3 planting soil on the tray. Left 1/3 of the planting soil for a second planting.
  3. Sprout the Wheatgrass. Evenly spread the germinated seeds on the planting soil. Pour some water on the soil surface. During the sprouting process, make sure to store the entire tray in the plastic bag. You could insert the tray in the reverse courier plastic bag. You could pull out the tray every day for adding some water. Once the root sprout on the soil and the green leaf growth, then you could take out the tray for more sunlight.
  4. Wheatgrass Harvesting. Harvest the top portion of the wheatgrass leaf without damaging the root. Continue pouring some water for another growth. Means, you could have a total of 2 harvest session for one time sprouting.
  5. Remove and Replant. Remove the wheatgrass after the second harvest. Top up the remaining planting soil and replant the wheatgrass for another round of harvesting.

The purpose of the combo set is making the planting easy and more fun. If you want to test the simple planting, get a set of our Wheatgrass Combo Planting Set. With simple effort, and you should start to see the result within a week.