Papaya Planting Scheme

Papaya Planting Scheme

Papaya Planting Scheme

We come across a farmer who wants to start planting papaya fruit in his farmer.  He seeks our advice about understanding the papaya planting scheme.  He wants to know if organic compost is suitable for growing a healthy fruit.

CH Biotech not only commit in organic compost manufacturing but also working with farmer for providing the planting solution to farmer.  We want our farmer gain the planting knowledge for getting healthy fruit tree and harvesting delicious fruit.

Starting Stage for Planting Papaya

Without knowing too much of about existing soil properties, we always recommend farmer start with organic compost.  For getting the best planting result, farmer could start with digging a 2ft diameter hole.  Fill up the hole with our AF-Compost.

AF-Compost consists of sufficient nutrient for growing up a small plant.  The farmer not requires adding other nutrient for the tree besides water.  The small papaya tree will grow up pretty fast with AF-Compost.

Growing Stage for Papaya Tree

Once the tree growth about 2ft tall, we are very sure the tree already properly grown up.  Now the tree requires more nutrients for plant growing, this is the stage where AF-Green757 fortified compost comes into the role.

AF-Green757 consist the nutrient for plant growing.  Since the papaya plant is relatively small, we recommend only apply 100g of AF-Green757 per tree.  In order for getting best tree growing result, farmer has to apply AF-Green757 not longer than 2 weeks interval.

Papaya Fruit is Hanging on the Tree

Farmer could replace AF-Green757 with AF-Blue10 while the tree is grown up and ready for fruiting.  Once the tree is growing up, we always recommend farmer apply 1kg per tree with every 2 weeks interval.  AF-Blue10 fortified compost is formulated for better fruit.

The AF-Blue10 is formulated with high Potassium contents, this is to ensure the tree is having sufficient nutrient for better fruit growing.  AF-Blue10 could be consistently apply to Papaya tree, this is to ensure the tree always maintain at healthy condition and able to delivery good amount of papaya fruit.

We have many years knowledge working with farmer on planting and growing up tree through-out Malaysia.  We always recommend the farmer following above papaya planting scheme.  We are not surprised and ready to adopt some minor fine tuning on this papaya planting scheme because the original soil and environmental may varies from time to time.  However we should be getting a very good start up harvesting result with this planting scheme.

CH Biotech has been working with many crops plantation throughout Malaysia.  We confident and proud of our AF Organic Compost series.  Feel free to download Papaya Planting Scheme for working toward healthy tree growing and delicious fruit harvesting.  Or you are always welcome contact CH Biotech for any planting needs.

3 responses to “Papaya Planting Scheme”

  1. tony says:

    do u think durian needs organic compost while planting?

    • admin says:

      You are right, organic compost is mandatory for planting durian fruit. We are saying the word, MANDATORY. The comprehensive trace elements ingredient in organic compost is actually affecting the fruit’s taste. An NPK fertilizer is good to grow the tree however after some time the fruit taste may become less favourable. This is how organic comes into the role.

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