Apply Organic Compost Result – Root System Growth

One of the advantageous for adding organic compost is stimulating the root system growth. In this article, we would like to share with you about some result show after applying CP-05 organic compost on an oil palm feed.

Experiment Setup

1)      Exp 1. 85% Red Soil (Tanah Merah) + 15% (CP-05 organic compost)

2)      Control. 100% Red Soil (Tanah Merah)

Time taken: 2 months

Root System Growth Exp.

Root System Growth Exp.

Apply Compost Result

After 2 months time, we remove the packing and compare the root system. As what we learn, the Exp.1 setup with include 15% or organic compost is giving much more feeder root as compare to the control red soil.


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