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AF-Green Fortified Organic Fertilizer

Apply AF-Green Fortified Organic Fertilizer for better plant grow

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Organic Compost, AF-Compost

AF-Compost rich in organic matter and humic acid. You will see significant improvement in overall soil management.

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AF-Blue Fortified Organic Fertilizer

AF-Blue is formulated for getting better flowering and fruit harvest.

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Potting Mix

Potting Mix which ready for planting

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AF-Green Series

AF-Green Fortified Fertilizer is formulated for better tree growing. You will see a prosperous plant growing activity with improved root.

Organic Compost

Organic compost works perfect with various type of soil. The organic matter, trace element and mocrobial bring positive effect for crops.

AF-Blue Series

AF-Blue Fortified Organic Fertilizer is formulated to promote better flowering and fruit yield. Tasty fruit is the result after applying with AF-Blue Organic Fertilizer.

Potting Mix

Potting Mix is well mixed with top soil, organic compost and fortified fertilizer. It is really for you to plant without additional mixing in site.

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Organic Compost from CH Biotech

AF-Compost series or organic compost is manufacture under consistent process control by CH Biotech,
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CH Biotech has participated in agriculture sector in Malaysia.      CH Biotech Company Profile CH Biotech Company Profile    Our quality organic compost, biochar products have gained high compliment and recognition from customer. CH Biotech does has our own research and development capability for supplying quality organic compost fulfill customer needs.
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